We know it is not easy for everyone to make the time for golf so we have membership options to suit various lifestyles and budgets. Check out our options below then phone 03-448-8204 or email or more information or to join.

Alexandra Golf Club Subscriptions for 2023-24 (Oct 01 – Sep 30)

Pro rata rates applicable dependent upon month of joining.

Monthly payment options on application.

Full membership – $675 (less $20 if paid by 31 Oct)

Under 35 – $420

Restricted membership – $450

Country membership – $375

Nine Hole membership – $375 (less $10 if paid by 31 Oct)

Casual – $375

Summer – $250

Junior/Tertiary – $165

School Pupil – $50

Playing Rights

Restricted members

Includes NZ Affiliation and handicap. Play with friends and submit cards for handicapping. Can play in club comp for additional $10 fee but not eligable for club champs or trophy competitions. No voting rights.

Country members

Must be a full member of another NZ affiliated golf club. Can only play in weekly golf days not formal club competitions

Nine hole members

Play 9 holes any time, including 9 hole club days, and by invitation to 18 hole club events. Ideal if you only have a couple of hours spare to play

Casual Membership

Play any time outside of formal club competitions or events. No handicap. No voting rights. Ideal for regular but non competitive players.

Summer membership

Casual membership for the summer daylight saving period.

Junior/Tertiary member

Full time students attending tertiary institution or aged under 20 at start of financial year. Full playing rights and affiliation

School members

Still at Primary or Secondary school can play any time, including Junior golf days