Course tour

The pines bordering the golf course along State Highway 8 were originally planted to contain the desert sands that prevailed in the area. Most find it hard to imagine that today’s stunning golf course could be created from such beginnings. The course features a flat but undulating desert type terrain with fully irrigated fairways from tee to green. Narrow fairways mean accuracy is of prime importance if you are to avoid the desert remnants in the rough and the many trees lining the fairways.

Of interest, and one reason why golfers find their round at Alexandra appears to go so quickly, is the lack of continuous holes of same par value! Only twice in the 18 holes do you play consecutive holes of equal par!

With the high ranges viewable from most parts of the course golfers find this is a most scenic as well as challenging course.

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Men Blue
NZCR – 71.3
Slope – 126

Men White
NZCR – 69.8
Slope – 121

Men Yellow
NZCR – 66.7
Slope – 117

Women Yellow
NZCR – 73.3
Slope -121

Hole 1 – Pioneer

Par 4
Yellow – 292m (Stroke 8)
White – 319m, Blue – 327m (Stroke 8)

Slight dogleg left requires a straight rather than a long tee shot to small landing area. Left is heavily treed and the right is guarded by two fairway bunkers. Demanding second shot to a dual level elevated green with steep drop off on both sides and back.

McArthur Ridge

Hole 2 – Butchers

Par 3
Yellow – 110m (Stroke 18)
White – 125m, Blue – 136m (Stroke 18)

Straight forward tee shot with large tree guarding any shot hit left and bunker pin high on right.

Affinity Funerals

Hole 3 – Knobbies

Par 4
Yellow – 293m (Stroke 9)
White – 338m, Blue – 350m (Stroke 3)

Accurate tee shot imperative! Left and right are many trees and right also has the natural Alexandra sand stretching from the tee for 300 meters. Shot to green must be left of pin as this green has considerable fall to the right. Putting will be a challenge!

Hole 4 – Long John

Par 5
Yellow – 441m (Stroke 3)
White – 474m, Blue – 482m(Stroke 10)

A great par five with the out of bounds becoming tantalising closer as you move towards the green. Requires thinking about each shot as plenty of trees, tussocks and the out of bounds waiting to pounce on your ball. 

Hole 5 – Dunstan

Par 4
Yellow – 323m (Stroke 5)
White – 350m, Blue – 360m (Stroke 5)

Challenging straight hole, again an accurate tee shot will make this a relatively easy hole, but straying left or right is going to increase the difficulty by a large margin. Large tree short and to the right narrows the approach to this green if your tee shot is on the right of fairway.

AWS Legal

Hole 6 – Molyneux

Par 3
Yellow – 121m (Stroke 16)
White – 135m, Blue – 164m(Stroke 16)

From an elevated tee to an attractive large green with large bunker guarding any shot hit right and a smaller bunker on left front of green. Can be a testing par three playing into a Southerly wind.  

Hole 7 – The Ridge

Par 4
Yellow – 320m (Stroke 1)
White – 330m, Blue – 333m(Stroke 13)

Aptly named with severe ridge running at an angle from left to right from 170 meters resulting in any tee shot not clearing this to finish in the rough on right. From here a most difficult approach to a well guarded green is then faced. From fairway, approach shot is ideal to a green sloping towards you. 

Hole 8 – Muttontown

Par 4
Yellow – 280m (Stroke 12)
White – 351m, Blue – 369m (Stroke 1)

Number one stroke hole is a real challenge from the tee. Sharp dogleg left requiring tee shot of over 200 metres to allow green to be seen for second. Green is raised predominately sloping towards fairway with also plenty of sideways contours. A difficult green to one putt!

Hole 9 – Clubhouse

Par 5
Yellow – 395m (Stroke 10)
White – 482m, Blue – 497m (Stroke 6)

Another excellent par 5, teeing off through an avenue of trees which becomes wider the further one hit’s the ball. Plays longer than measures as a slight uphill gradient stretches from fairway to green for last 150 meters.

Hole 10 – The pines

Par 4
Yellow – 264m (Stroke 15)
White – 296m, Blue – 313m (Stroke 14)

Sharp dogleg right requires thought on club to use from tee. Ideal position is to be at the elbow of dogleg a distance of 170 metres. Green is double level and if pin on back level which is very small creates a difficult target. 

Hole 11 – The Knolls

Par 4
Yellow – 298m (Stroke 11)
White – 321m, Blue – 349m (Stroke 7)

Straight rather than long tee shot very important, as green well protected by trees on both sides. Interesting green with three distinct levels. Well worth looking at pin position when teeing off number four.

Hole 12 – Goldpan

Par 3
Yellow – 108m (Stroke 17)
White – 133m, Blue – 166m (Stroke 15)

Green surrounded by three bunkers, two on the right and one of these cannot be seen from the tee. 

Hole 13 – Frasers

Par 4
Yellow – 321m (Stroke 4)
White – 333m, Blue – 346m (Stroke 4)

Again requires a very accurate tee shot if you wish to be in a position to make the green with second shot. Green slightly elevated with severe slope off both sides and back. 

Design Windows

Hole 14 – Jubilee

Par 3
Yellow – 160m (Stroke 14)
White – 169m, Blue – 198m (Stroke 12)

Longest of the par three’s requires long iron/fairway wood to an interesting undulating green. Large tree on left grabs any wayward shot.

Hole 15 – Cairnmuir

Par 5
Yellow – 428m (Stroke 6)
White – 437m, Blue – 437m (Stroke 17)

Short par five giving great opportunity for bigger hitters to make the green in two shots. However any wayward shot will make a par very difficult. Tee shot needs to be just left of the blue gum tree and second shot just right of fairway bunker. Difficult green with exaggerated slope.

Hole 16 – The gap

Par 4
Yellow – 315m (Stroke 2)
White – 333m, Blue – 350m (Stroke 2)

Stroke hole number two and plays to its rating! Slight dogleg left with out of bounds left and trees lining both sides of fairway. Green is on an elevated ridge making club selection difficult. Green slopes towards fairway resulting in little run from shots landing on green. A par is a welcome result! 


Hole 17 – Railroad

Par 5
Yellow – 424m (Stroke 7)
White – 462m, Blue – 487m (Stroke 11)

Out of bounds entire length of hole on left. Plays shorter than other par fives as fairway is slightly downhill for second shot. Slope towards left on the green makes for interesting putting!

Hole 18 – The gap

Par 4
Yellow – 286m (Stroke 13)
White – 330m, Blue – 336m (Stroke 9)

Interestingly named after huge rock on top of the mountain you see looking at the green from the tee and not how you are feeling! Requires straight tee shot leaving a short iron to large green. Any tee shot off the fairway brings either large blue gum or the lake into play! An exciting finishing hole creating many possibilities!  

New World