COVID19 - Level 3 golf procedures at AGC

COVID 19 - LEVEL 3 PROCEDURE - Alexandra Golf Club inc.

For all golf undertaken during level 3

Things to consider before deciding to play:

  • Do not come to the golf course if you are feeling unwell
  • Do not come to the golf course if you believe you have been exposed to Covid-19
  • Do not come to the golf course if you have any underlying health issues
  • If over 70 please seriously consider your own safety and decide if it is really worth the risk, however small, to play golf at this time.
  • Those currently storing clubs in the Trundler sheds must take them home after 1st use.


Procedures for booking and playing golf: Alexandra MEMBERS only:

  1. Golfers must adhere to regional travel restrictions and only travel within their region
  2. Golfers must have a confirmed tee time pre-booked. This can be done by calling Dai during office hours 9.00am - 5pm on 027 2117818 or by e mail Tee sheets have been set up for the period starting Tuesday 28th April through to Sunday 10th May and starting from 9.00am each day.
  3. Tee times are at 10 minute intervals and play is only possible for those playing alone or playing with others from within their bubble. Do not arrange to meet anyone else to play.
  4. Players can NOT turn up at the course without a tee booking - all casual arrivals will be turned away.
  5. If there is a frost delay those booked before the course can open will lose their tee time and must rebook a new time.
  6. Golfers must arrive at the course ready to play and leave the course immediately after play
  7. Golfers must maintain a minimum distance of 2m from other golfers who are not in their bubble.
  8. Please note:ALL toilets will be closed!


Important information while on course:

  • The clubhouse, pro-shop, changing rooms and toilets (including the No.5 on course toilet) are closed to all golfers.
  • There will be no scorecards available and NZ Golf will not allow the entering of any scores during Alert Level 3
  • There will be no pins on any green.
  • There will be no rakes in the bunker
  • All drinking fountains are off limits along with ball washers and any other shared facility.
  • Please respect everyone's health and maintain social distancing.


While you may not agree with all the rules put in place, these have been done based on NZ Golf and Government guidelines and must be adhered to by everyone. The Board believes these rules are critical to ensuring the safety of staff and golfer.


Many thanks

Dai Johns


Alexandra Golf Club inc.


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