13th January - Saturday Results

9 Hole Women - Stroke

1st - W. Hamilton

2nd - A. Hogue


18 Hole Women - Par

S. Endicott Davies      1 up

M. White                       1 down

C. Bell                           2 down by lot from M. Pollock

LJ Hooker Nearest the Pin: W. Middendorf

Twos:  R. Richardson, S. Douglas, M. White


Men - Stroke - White Tees


M. Cummings           65

A. Hodgson              68 by lot from

R. De Clifford            68


K. Mackie                  67 by lot from

J. Hogue                    67

K. Gardener              69 by lot from

R. Mogensen            69

SubPar Nearest the Pin:  D. SInclair

Twos:  A. Chisholm, B. Bemrose

Nett Eagles: K. Mackie



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